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Monday, June 14, 2010

To the Sistas, About Slim Thug

Why are you even arguing over the "wisdom" of the Solomon Grundy of rap?

"It's not about Slim Thug," you say.  "It's about how his comments may influence other black men to hate black women and view us as the enemy.  We already have so many obstacles to overcome without being confronted by more brothas who think like him."

Yeah-- noted.

Understand, however, that only the weak-minded are easily influenced by the opinions of others, especially on core issues (religion, politics, where to get good barbecue, etc.).  Not to minimize hip-hop-- it helped raise me-- but modern rap is like musical wrestling; the lesser known MCs have to say and do grandiose things just to stay relevant between albums.

Slim Thug's opinion is, I'm sure, colored by his own personal history with women, and he's welcome to it, but he doesn't speak for all black men.  I'm not saying this to win points; he can't possibly speak for all black men-- so don't turn this into an epidemic of low gender regard just yet.

Think about it this way: do you really want any of the men who would be easily influenced by Slim Thug's words anyway?  So what if many black men out there might come to agree with him; those aren't the ones you want, right?  So skip the scarecrows-- and Thuggas-- find yourself a man with a brain.

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