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Saturday, June 19, 2010

When to Give it Up

So I've been asked, "When is it okay to have sex with a guy without him thinking you're easy or a slut?"

This one's actually quite simple, predicated on the self-esteem of the man before you.

If he thinks he's wack and you hump him off top, he'll assume that you always give it up to wanksters like him-- therefore, you're a nasty ho.

If, however, he thinks very highly of himself-- as I do-- then jumping into the sack with him right away only proves one thing: you've got excellent taste!  We were waiting on you like, "Duh!!!"

Now just to be clear, this has absolutely no bearing on relationship potential.  I've seen lasting bonds develop from what was supposed to be a one-night stand; I've also seen it when a girl made a guy wait forever for what was essentially...*yawn*

But if you're looking for a good time without shaving points off your rep, just remember that you are what you freak.  Choose wisely, then get at him!

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