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Sunday, August 1, 2010

(Answers to) Unisex Survey, Part Deux #5

Have you ever had sex with a platonic friend? Explain.
What's the longest you've ever been in a relationship?
5 years
You find yourself attracted to someone and decide to make the first move. What's your approach?
I tell them straight up how i feel the first chance i get to see if its something worth looking into any further.
What's your favorite time of the day to have sex and why?
In the evening. That way we can really enjoy it, take our time and do everything we really want to do with no real time constraints.
What do you think are your chances of finding the perfect mate?
very high
Cuddle or no cuddle?
cuddle, if its the person im dating
What are your feelings about public displays of affection, yours and others'?
i have no problem with PDA. Its actually a good thing, in my mind, to see other people happy enough to enjoy each other and not care who sees.
Is there anything about the opposite sex that intimidates you?
not really

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