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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shrews Don't Get Tamed; They Get Dumped

Shrew par excellence

"What a shrew I am!" -- Rosie Perez in the comedic/dramatic film White Men Can't Jump

NEWS FLASH!: Men don't like to be nagged, hassled, or harangued.  I know how you feel; if he'd only act right...

Thing is, men are going to act however they want, but what about the way he represented himself when you two first met?  What about the promises he made?

I was an Obama supporter in '08, but even then I thought "Bullshit" to myself as I heard him talk about some of the changes he planned to make in Washington.  I knew Chocolate Jesus wasn't going to be able to deliver on everything he said, but it sounded nice.  That's why I'm not disappointed now (at least not as much as others); I've been able to separate the romance from the honeymoon from the marriage.

All the complaining in the world won't get your man to straighten up-- not long-term, anyway-- but it will push him in the direction of a chick who won't complain, not even about the fact that his idea of a suitable date is a U-turn around the Wendy's drive-thru.

Nagging accomplishes nada.  You'll only become an urban legend among men.  You can't complain bad behavior away so don't even try.  We may actually appreciate it more and attempt to make an effort-- or not.

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