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Monday, August 16, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football?

If not, it's time to bone up.  From now until February the best and worst of us (men) will be huddled together at sports bars across the nation, waiting to see if our team will be number one.

If you want to roll with that special guy and his friends be prepared to observe the rules of the outing.  When men are bonding with other men over football, normal codes concerning table manners and appropriate language go out the window.  Nothing outside of football is to be seriously discussed (except that awesome movie trailer that just aired during commercials).

If you know little or nothing about football then don't attempt to wax philosophical -- just cheer when points are scored.  If you know everything about football then don't rub it in; you'll have impressed yourself and ensured you won't be invited back.

And try not to wear a pink jersey.  It tells us you came out not so much to support the team as to look cute.

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