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Monday, August 2, 2010

A Club Named Facebook

Twice as many men use Facebook to "hook up" as women.

Chatting, "liking" and "poking," inboxing -- it's all represents just another medium through which men can holler at women.

And it works!

Ladies, don't roll your eyes when you get a friend request with a suggestive message attached to it; it's all in the game.  Wherever men are and whatever we're doing, the laws of nature still prevail.  Too bad the animals don't have Facebook, but then again they don't need it -- things are simpler at that level.

Facebook might be the only way to communicate with that special guy once he's retreated into his "cave" and starts acting moody and aloof.  Just hit him up for a chat but be aware, he may be chatting up someone new.

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