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Monday, August 30, 2010

One Date, Two Dates...

A reader asked me if, since I was all for women asking men out on dates, I thought it was okay for a woman to date multiple men at one time.

Of course, you should.  Why not?  I mean you don't dance with one guy in the club all night, do you?  So why are actively dating women so quick to handcuff one dude and be like, "I'm just gonna focus on this one and see where it goes"?

For the record, dating around and sleeping around are not the same (though not mutually exclusive).  You don't have to bang them all, although by a man's logic it's only good sense to know how the car drives before signing any papers.

Dating is not a relationship, it's not marriage.  Your options with the opposite sex will never be so wide open (unless you do porn), so don't limit yourself.  And don't limit your dates.

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