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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Women are Like Bananas (to Men)

The short and sweet:

The green banana.  Ripe but still not in its prime.  Hard to peel ... and once you have it's not as good as you imagined -- kind of funny tasting.  Ultimately unfulfilling.

The yellow banana.  Tastes like a banana should.  Hits all the right taste buds, tells the stomach to pipe down.  Can be consumed straight up or in any number of incarnations -- Nilla Wafer Pudding, anyone?

The brown(ish) banana.  Worn-out, horrible aesthetic.  Tossed around ... bruised.  Mushy.  Shriveled.  Best chucked into a post-workout smoothie and forgotten.  Sometimes tolerated but never chosen first.  Old shoe.

(This post was based on a revelation by the author while doing battle with carts and cankles in the Walmart produce rows.)


  1. It works for me. But u forgot to add, those old brownish bruised bananas make the best banana bread, HOLLA 2%