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Friday, August 6, 2010

If He Doesn't Want to Kiss You ...

... it's no big deal.  He's probably just not that into you.

Men don't ration our kisses because we don't like the act itself; we enjoy it very much.  Rather, we're afraid that a kiss -- on the lips, usually -- will mean more to you than it does to us.

Women usually kiss as a way of getting closer, being more intimate.  Men often kiss as a way of facilitating sexual intercourse.  So we can't know for sure if your sloppy kisses are just tactile stimulation -- the kind that gets you wet -- or your attempt to make something more out of this arrangement than there actually is.

The kiss has too much attached to it in a woman's mind for it to ever be taken as seriously by men.  When you kiss us it's like you're trying to get inside us, instead of the other way around.  Ask yourself, does he ever initiate a kiss outside the bedroom, or are you the one always pushing up in his grill for that affection?  If not it doesn't mean he doesn't like you; it just means he doesn't like you like that.

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