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Sunday, August 29, 2010


I know a woman who once fantasized about being hog-tied before sex.  I didn't meet her at some sketchy club or bar, mind you.  We already had a friends-with-benefits arrangement -- one where the two people aren't just pretending to be friends -- and she felt comfortable enough to reveal this to me on a long drive ... to the porn store, of all places.

I've always been a fan of kink, not expressing it so much as discovering it in women.  Girls you'd never suspect telling you they wished your bed was a dumpster behind a busy restaurant.  Chicks who want you fresh out of the gym -- no shower.  Sounds crazy, or gross, but it's as real as a fuck buddy can get.

And for men, it's all about the stories.  That said -- and I've touched on this before -- you have to know that the stranger your sexual proclivities the more likely you are to end up the subject of a morning roundtable at IHOP.  Rest assured, it's more veneration than degradation.

"Hey, anybody ever fuck with a chick who made animal noises when she came?"  Thanks to you, your bedroom boyfriend can now raise his hand and feel superior.

So out with your kink!  Whether you have a pole in your house or like to watch yourself on tape -- secure the evidence, please -- be sure to cultivate a strong enough relationship with a guy you like and respect and who won't try to shove every inch in your ass like it's already been paved and fitted with streetlights.

There, I said it.

"Doesn't matter how I say it ... so long as it's said." -- the author's reply to a fan's complaint about his "rude" style of writing

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  1. "who won't try to shove every inch in your ass like it's already been paved and fitted with streetlights." Cosign.

    That fresh out the gym comment made me feel funny inside... I might have to explore that one. ;)