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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kelly Ripa, Wifey

"I'm about to represent... 'cause I'm a representer."
My mother is a HUGE All My Children fan, so I remember Kelly Ripa from her days playing "Hayley."

She turns 40 this summer and she's never looked better. Her diet and workout regimen have transformed her into something better, faster, stronger since birthing three children.  She looks better now than she did in her twenties and she even makes breast cancer research fundraising look sexy (see pic).

Her husband is one-time AMC co-star and sometime Regis and Kelly co-host (when Regis is getting his Mr. Burns life-extension treatments) Mark Consuelos who seems impervious to time or stay-at-home dad duty.

She's broken away from soap opera limbo to become a multi-faceted tv host, author, motivational speaker, and occasional model (for charity, of course).

What does this have to do with you?  You're not on TV, you don't have a trainer and nutritionist to keep you small and waifish, and the only Marks that step to you look less like Consuelos and more like Zuckerberg (minus the dough).  Why care?  Because when men dream of being married -- it does happen -- we dream of being married to someone like Kelly Ripa, a multitasker who doesn't take herself too seriously and isn't afraid to hurt a little in order to maintain her sexy.

And I hear she can hold her own against Rachel Ray in the kitchen.  Damn you, Consuelos.  Damn you to hell!!!

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