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Sunday, May 23, 2010

(Answers to) Questions for Women: Dating #3

How should a perfect (good) date play out?
Something interesting that is out of the norm. Dinner is always okay, but a museum, watching horseracing or going to an exhibit would get my attention that he isn't doing his normal date routine.
What topics of discussion are most important to you on a first date?
Nothing too serious. Telling me your whole life story in one sitting leaves me exhausted, irritating, and unwilling to go on a second date. One thing that is a deal breaker for me is spirituality. No chance of being connected if he is atheist.
Many men consider paying for things-- dates, gifts and such-- in exchange for a woman's affections as glorified prostitution, especially in these times. Your thoughts?
I don't sleep with a guy for at least 1 to 2 months. I expect him to pay for everything because of the men I've dated who taught me that its not a women's place to pay for anything, in which case they have been Muslim, as am I.
How soon after a date should a man call you?
If he is really interesting in pursuing anything he should call and make sure I got home safely and he should possibly call 2 days after the first date.
How do you feel about "going Dutch" on dates?
Not happening unless we are in a monogomous, committed relationship and even then, I've been shown that its not my duty to pay...women do enough.
Do you-- or would you-- date online? Why or why not?
I have dated online and didn't have any bad situations, but I think I like it old school- courting in person.
Would you ever ask a man out on a date? Under what circumstances?
Possibly, depends on the situation and how and where we meet.
If the date obviously went well, should he attempt to kiss you at the end?
On the cheek only. Cheek kisses are less likely to give him a hard on.
What are your dating pet peeves (first and subsequent dates)?
Talking too much about one's self.

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