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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Post-Sex Restraining Order

His face read "Back in 20 mins."
We're done with the sex and for a bit, honestly, I need to be done with you.  For your own good, of course.

Most of you women, if you've ever taken a human sexuality class, know that a man's refractory period-- the period after an orgasm during which one cannot achieve further orgasms-- can last a while.  For the average eighteen year old it's fifteen minutes; I'm assuming your man is no spring chicken so his is probably longer.

In the "afterglow," women like to cuddle and be close to the man they just got through schtupping-- usually; I know some of you pimptresses play it differently-- even if he's just a casual fuck buddy.  But men often need that time as a mini-vacation from you.

For one thing, on the other side of an orgasm a man can become completely uninterested in sex-- and you.  If you're his main squeeze don't take it personally, he just needs time to rest for his "comeback."  If you're just a jumpoff (you know who you are) then he may not have been that keen on you to start; he was just horny... and now those balls of his have been emptied-- mission accomplished!

We'll call you.

And men will often check down sex the way they check down any of the day's many tasks.  Once it's finished a man's mind races again, trying to remember what else needs to be done.  This might cause him to jump out of bed not long after coitus, not to get away from you per se but to type up that email he neglected or make sure his car has enough gas to get him to work tomorrow.

Thing is, allowing him that space will almost guarantee a quicker end to that refractory period and gas him up super unleaded for round two (which should last much longer than the TKO in round one).

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