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Thursday, May 20, 2010

So You're a Trainer Now?

"You've just got to train these men, that's all."

Is it?

When did men become basic creatures incapable of functioning without training?  More to the point, when did women become expert trainers, "boy whisperers" with whips and chairs and sensibilities about what we need to be men?

I've never known a real man to be tamed or trained by a woman.  I'd like to define "real" here as most people who use the adjective in gender-role discussions-- women, especially-- are remiss in stating what it means to them.  To me, within the realm of love and relationships, a real man is one who retains his essential nature no matter what.  It's one thing to compromise for the sake of a significant other, but the man who would allow you to "train" him, to mold him into something completely different for nothing more than your personal comfort, is not a man.

He is a punk.

So it can be said that real men cannot be trained.  To be sure, I've heard from more women who lamented their inability to control their men.  I mean, if one side was so surely dominant and the other wholly subjugated-- slavery much?-- then there wouldn't be so many of you complaining (or reading this blog).

A wise man once asked, "Between a human and an animal, which is owner and which is pet?"  Many of the women who claim to have their men trained often find that it's the other way.

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