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Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Through the Out

They call this "brand extension."
Ah, the eternal argument between Mars and Venus...

Picking up from yesterday's post, anal intercourse is often a touchy subject with women.  The man who asks is either A) a perv, B) a sadist or C) a closeted homo.

Let's get rid of C off top.  Desiring anal sex with a woman doesn't make a man gay (this is simple logic); it just means he wants to poke it in another hole.  Trust, if your nostrils or ear canals were bigger, if your belly button became a vortex to nowhere, if an eyeball could be removed and the brain pushed to one side... we'd try to fuck them too.

Power is a primary motive behind anal sex.  Because it's not easy to do, painful at times and suggestive of complete bodily submission, the woman who capitulates to butt madness is saying she's down to leave no stone unturned for her man.

Staying with the power slant, and venturing into suspect territory for a moment, men have always used anal sex as a tool of utter domination.  In the Biblical tale of Sodom, the men who attempt to rape the angels, Lot's guests, are not so much interested in sexual release as "owning" these new men in their midst.  That hasn't changed much from them till now, no matter the orientation.  More than a few men might be able to say they've slept with you, but only one might be able to say at the Denny's roundtable, "...and she let me put it in her butt!"

For the long-term, committed couple, anal play-- not just penetration per se-- could spice things up and ensure your man "re-discovers" your body rather than explores someone else's for the first time.  And beware the specialist!  There are some women out there who prefer anal, who won't do anything but.  They exist at the ends of rainbows and under bridges guarded by trolls, but they're out there nonetheless-- and men are looking.

But if you decide to go there lay down some ground rules first.  This isn't the time for Gotcha! shenanigans.

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