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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Change Clothes

This is an article written by Anthony A. Armstrong, owner and CEO of Armstrong Athletics.  He is also the originator of the dime system introduced in The Definition of a Dime: A Points System.  (Article is produced here exactly as it was received.)

Do me this quick favor. Go into your closet and look at the variety of clothes and shoes you own. There might be some True Religion jeans, or some Old Navy ones. A few JC Penny business suits, a pencil skirt from BeBe, and quite possibly, some Wal-Mart, Dee Bo from Friday house slippers. Some of these are staples in your wardrobe, while others haven’t been seen like Professor Klump’s dick pre-skinny juice. You know which is your freak-um dress, and which your lonely Saturday night outfit is.

Now bring your ass back and read on. Just as the trends come and go, so do men’s tastes in women. One day skinny jeans and heels are all the rage, but the next a pencil skirt gets the ole juices flowing. You can liken a man’s selection in women to your local mall. Think about it, a mall has plenty of stores to choose from. Whatever you are trying to accomplish with your ensemble, you can make it happen e.g. Preppy, Chic, Bougie, and Urban.

Let me explain further, a man will give you signs about what the hot trend is. It doesn’t have to be about your threads, but could be about what happens in the bed. A man will want hot new toy that’s out there and you as a woman needs to be there to provide or else he may be forced to go “shopping” per say. If your man is into the Emo thing, then you better find some way to fulfill that desire.

Here’s where a lot of women mess up. You don’t seem to recognize the extremely apparent signs that tell you the way to the final destination like your Garmin. If you see your man gawking at that chick with whatever on, you should take heed and do like Jay-Z and Pharrell said and, “Change clothes!!”

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