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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Women are Like the Music Industry (to Men)

Remember when the music industry held dominion?  Charging almost twenty bucks for albums that had three good songs out of fifteen?

Then came the Internet, and peer-to-peer file sharing that was... drum roll... free as a motherfucker!


The music industry tried to regulate but they couldn't bust everybody.  So they tried to be nice and reduce drastically the price of CDs and mp3 downloads, but the genie was out of the bottle.  Why pay anything for something when it's readily available for free?  Of course there were still those things that lured the avid fan/collector-- album notes, bonus DVDs, a lock of Beyonce's hair-- but among those who just needed a few good jams for their workout iPod the damage had been done.

Now all the record companies do is complain about leakage and try to shame those who bootleg... like a lot of you women.  You get mad at the chicks who give it up for little or nothing, at the dudes who run to them, but let's be real for a second: who (especially in America) wants to work extra hard and wait forever for something they can get fast and free?  Your "album" is not even as good as you think it is.  The woman to your left has agreed to let us sample her shit for free.  Who knows?  We might decide to pay (maybe).

Point is, those so-called easy bitches you hate are only making it harder for you.  We're enjoying a harmonious supply-demand relationship, while your relationship is with your lofty standards (How's it going with you two, by the way?).  Like the music industry you'll soon find yourselves flat on your backs-- but not in a satisfying way-- trying to dazzle with discounts and limited-time offers ("I really don't even need that big of a wedding anymore.")

Men are the music consumers, the fans, the ones who keep "the beat" going (How do you think the world population surpassed 6 billion?).  Yeah, we may have to dick around in some shitty p2p networks to get what we need-- Morpheus comes to mind-- but as long as we get it for the low it's one in the win column.  Meanwhile, you'll still be like those beleaguered record labels, offering special editions ("classics," for you older broads) that few of us are willing to purchase.


  1. M-Fkrs are sleeping! This is my shit, Adam! Me and my homeboy had this same conversation recently. It's almost the same debate on which game gets the most respect: the hoe or the slut. Men respect hoes far more. We respect the hustle, the game. Certainly we fall prey to the game but we mostly recognize it and in most cases we FUND/SPONSOR the hoes "game". But a slut...gets no love from me. She tosses her womb around for lil or nothin. She has a mild antipathy for men but always finds herself bent over after a free drink at the club. Speak on dat!

  2. LOL I feel you. Thanks for the read and the props. Let your people know about the blog!