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Friday, May 21, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys... Until They're 50

"I can show you where the pixie dust comes from, boys, but it'll cost ya."
...and maybe not even then.

Don't know if you've ever noticed, but men get a longer lease on acting like they're still bar mitzvah age.  Girls are quickly encouraged to escalate to grown-ass women who are sensible, dependable and ready to pick up after everyone else.  Meanwhile, adult men have to be dragged from the frat house and fitted in a Men's Warehouse suit, forced to adjust that janky-ass resume and consider 401k's and IRA's.

I've tried to put down the widely accepted (yet propagated by females) belief that women mature faster than men-- while this is true physically, mentally we age about the same but differently-- but it is worth noting here that men get a pass to hang out in Neverland a bit longer.  Society long ago reasoned that a man's more destructive tendencies, fueled by astronomical stores of testosterone in his youth, required time to siphon off.  Most women are looking to "complete" and stabilize their situations as soon as possible; for most men, though, it's all about one more charge of the light brigade, one more story to share around the campfire.

Of course, men stretch this out for far longer than is deemed necessary, by society in general and women in particular.  And later when they realize that the endless supply of testosterone that once had them firing off in their sleep and jumping off bridges for no damn reason has fallen off-- and that they now need Viagra and a term life insurance policy to do those same things-- they try to re-up on that Peter Pan phase (mid-life crisis, anyone?).

So it's not just innate immaturity, ladies, but a permissive attitude in Western culture regarding the Xbox 360 playing, same t-shirt for three days wearing, "I'll look for work tomorrow," dude's night out, beer for breakfast man-child that lets us rock our thirties like it was our twenties like it was our teens.  Truth be told, some of you could use a trip to Neverland, where there are no sticks up the ass allowed.

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