Do you believe there's such a thing as a soulmate?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shit We Didn't Ask

Her: "You look fun."  Him: "I didn't ask."

What you think about ________.
That our snoring bothers you.
What you want your wedding colors to be.
What's happening this season on Grey's Anatomy.
How hard you had to work to get a degree in _________.
How we could multitask better.
How we could be more efficient with our time.
Names you've already determined for your future children.
What "moves and grooves" you.
Your theory on why we spend so much time playing video games.
About the cosmic war between you and the ruthless bitches at work.
Your bite-sized dog's pedigree.
Whether or not we look good in slingback sandals (for the record, we do not).
That you don't follow what's happening in the game we're watching.
Whether or not we can sneak it in while you're asleep.
If our staring at that other chick's breasts offends you on a primal level.
How to drive.
How to dance.
How to tolerate your family.
What this month's menstrual cycle is doing to you specifically.
How many more chances we have.

But most importantly... if we're sexy.  (We get to decide if we're sexy; you get to decide if you can handle it.)

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