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Monday, May 17, 2010

Rise of a Gynecocracy

Sign of the male apocalypse?
I may have said it before (I dislike redundancy) but I'll reiterate: You women scare the hell out of us!

No bullshit.

It's not just your sexual and reproductive powers-- although those are, in and of themselves, as formidable as a Batman villain team-up-- but the shift society has taken as to its valuation of the masculine and feminine.

It's only been recently in world history (and it still doesn't exist everywhere in the world) that women have been offered equal footing with men.  Post-modern feminism has been retroactive in pointing out how masculinity-- and machismo, more specifically-- has caused pain and suffering for both sexes throughout history.

In short, men are pigs.

This backlash has led to a "gynecocracy" of sorts which was incubated in the same politically correct atmosphere that's allowed little league sports matches where there are no winners and the prominent use of the adjective "urban" in lieu of "poor and minority."  In the same way that black comedians are allowed carte blanche in dissing white people, women are allowed to say all kinds of damning and derogatory things about men.

Think about it.  When was the last time you saw in public a man going in on a woman-- "bitch," "whore," "cunt," the whole business section-- without a social rebuking?  Now, how about the other way around?

As a kind of reparation, women are now allowed to elevate the feminine while demonizing the masculine, going so far as to sensitize their young boys (especially if Dad is a douchebag [which they were strangely attracted to, as it were]).  There's even a pill out now designed to feminize men (who are not transgendering), making them more sensitive, docile and available to discuss the pros and cons of Team Edward versus Team Jacob.

Beyond any clamor for independence, recognition or equity, the gynecocracy has created an environment where women can cross the line and beat the masculine form into retreat, attempting to shame us men into being what women think they want.  If we became that we'd cease to be men; and that would just be lame for both sexes, no?

[Postscript: John Wayne (born Marion Morrison) hates your guts... from beyond the grave.]

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