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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Definition of a Dime: A Points System

[This is a reproduction of a Facebook Note written by Anthony A. Armstrong, CEO of Armstrong Athletics (and a good friend of mine), and originally published on February 6, 2007.]

After 23 years of studying the female sex, I have come to realize that looks only get you so far. Some females may have the perfect legs, breasts, ass, face, etc. but they don't have anything inside that pretty little head of theirs. From these observations I have chosen to re-evaluate the "dime" criteria, because looks are not everything. I have decided to chop the popular "ten" ranking into two parts to determine one overall ranking. Five points will be given for the physical appearance, and it will be based on the opinion of the person giving the grade. To get that score just take what you would rank the person on the regular 1-10 scale and divide it by 2. i.e. 8/2=4

The five remaining points will come from a survey that assigns points to reach one final number. When the two numbers are combined together you will then have one sum to give the final grade. The five categories are Children, Education, Job Status, Living Arrangements, and Domestic Responsibilites aka Cooking and Cleaning. This is strictly for novelty uses, but it is actually pretty accurate and makes you think a bit. This is something that can go both ways, so feel free to give it a try.

When you go through the survey you add up the points that best represent you, then divide your total score by five. i.e. 20/5=4 In this situation this person [after adding both the physical appearance rank and the survey score] would be an 8. Now this is just a starting point because conversation can change your feelings towards the person.

Let Me Know What You Think!

5 Points = 0 Kids
4 Points = 1 Kid
3 Points = 2 Kids
2 Points = 3 Kids
1 Point = 4+ Kids

5 Points = Master's Degree or Grad Student
4 Points = Bachelor's Degree or Senior
3 Points = Associate's Degree to Junior
2 Points = Freshman
1 Point = No School

Job Status:
5 Points = Full Time, Very Secure, Over 40k
4 Points = Full Time, Under 40k
3 Points = Part Time During School
2 Points = Part Time, No School
1 Point = Unemployed

Living Arrangements:
5 Points = Own Place, No Parental Assistance
4 Points = Own Place with Parental Assistance, or Dorm
3 Points = Parent's or Guardian's House but Graduated and Employed
2 Points = Parent's or Guardian's House Only School or Job
1 Point = Parent's or Guardian's House, No School or Unemployed

Domestic Responsibilities:
5 Points = Food Network Chef, plus Cleans and does Laundry
4 Points = Decent Cook, Cleans and does Laundry
3 Points = Cooks and either Cleaning or Laundry
2 Points = No Cooking, Just Cleans and/or does Laundry
1 Point = Nothing at all

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