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Friday, April 9, 2010

(Answers to) Questions for Women 3

Questionnaire created with Wufoo.  [Note: Answers (in italics) are present exactly as they were received.]

What do you think you know about men and their emotions?
Most are pretty transparent to me!
Finish this sentence: After having sex with a man for the first time, my first thought is…
Damn that was.........(decide whether to do it again)
What non-physical attribute do you find most attractive in a man?
What’s the cheapest date a man could get away with?
Cooking a nice dinner, making a picnic, going to the park together
Would you engage in a threesome with another woman to satisfy your man?
What’s a first date deal breaker?
The way he is dressed is a mess!
Do you watch porn? How do you feel about men watching porn?
Yep, love it, let's watch together for inspiration!
What relationship issues/questions would you like to see addressed on the New Shoes blog?
Ummm.....not many more because I find myself spending too much time on the blog as it is!

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