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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love Vs. Money, or: How Women Rob Men of Their Ambition

"...all that's left of the dreams I hold is a band of gold..."
"You can lose a lot of money chasing women, but you'll never lose women chasing money." -- Edward Herrmann in the comedic film, I Think I Love My Wife

Let me start, ladies, by saying it's not your fault.

Every woman wants a man with ambition (I think).  Hell, the number one aphrodisiac in my experience has been communicating to a woman the grandiose dreams that consume me and my specific plans for realizing them.

But something peculiar happens to the average man when blessed by "in-house pussy."  He's no longer the surging, conquering young warrior with the eye of the tiger.  He's content to lay up with his queen and be the king of the couch watching reality TV shows and waiting for his dick to get hard.

Again, this isn't your fault.  It's just that the chase is everything, especially for young men.  To be ever in pursuit of something-- money, fame, power, respect, ass, ass, ass, and the perfect chicken fried steak-- gives us purpose now as it has for millennia.  This is why so many of us are loathe to remain faithful to one woman; it dulls the sharpness of our basic instincts, the spirit that moves us.

"On to the next one" isn't just a choice but an imperative, lest we fade under your watch.

Money is just as fickle a mistress, but it is easier to control and command.  It can't buy love-- to be sure, it's not supposed to-- but like the quote that prefaces this post it points surer to the true North of our purpose than your romantic intentions for happily ever after (and bragging rights among your sex).

So if your man says he needs to be rid of you in order to find his compass, trust that it's not a cop-out.  Even if it is it's no sweat off his back (once he kicks you as a habit).  The money fits more easily, and readily, in his pocket.

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