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Monday, April 12, 2010

... But Will He Buy the Cow?

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You knew it was a FAIL when you agreed to it, but he was hot and you were enthralled (horny)... and maybe the rest of that stuff-- love, marriage, the baby carriage-- would come later, right?

Not so much.

Your first mistake was thinking that he could resist the proposition: an endless supply of sub-tropical freaky without all the messiness of feelings and obligations.  A man knows in the back of his mind that you'll eventually either want more or want to move on.  He's just hoping it doesn't all go down in teary-eyed, crying-out-loud, horrible Twitter-ranting flames-- but this is after he's had an orgasm.

Your grandmother knew what she was talking about.  Few men will buy the cow when the milk's been free and plentiful (and those few wear a Scarlet S, for "sucker").

Doesn't mean he sees you only as a walking repository.  Men often do form emotional attachments to their BFFs (Best Fucking Friend), but for a man it's almost a matter of principle; "no strings attached" is what was originally agreed upon... nothing more.

Friends with benefits should never be viewed as a temp-to-hire situation.  It's not about him respecting you or wanting something more out of life.  With these types of arrangements you leave the way you came (no pun intended).

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  1. Not necessarily a bad blog. Well written; nice photo...
    But with that being said, if sex is the "milk" then that's baby food so you're supposed to start with that... But grown men eat steak so he'll need the entire cow eventually to satisfy himself.
    Name TWO married men that you've ever met that waited for their wedding night to have sex with their virgin wife? Men "buy the cow" all the time! Heck, in Utah (where polygamy's legal) you can buy 3 cows at the same time. And even in cases of the mistress, she's a cow w/o the paperwork - but she probably gets more than the wife.
    Women, just remember this and you'll be fine: Sex get's the man, but support & conversation keeps him.