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Thursday, April 22, 2010

How Men Let Relationships "Bleed Out"

When a relationship is terminal, it's on you to put it down-- because we won't.

Why not?  Because men naturally become complacent in relationships which means we're not willing to end things even when out is all we want.  We'd rather watch things fade away than burn out-- and with good reason.

There's an old saying about a monkey not letting go of one branch until he's got a firm grip on another.  Men aren't fools.  We know that if things look grim we can start searching for a replacement killer while still keeping you around to cook, clean up and occasionally get on top.

Chances are, if your man tries to end the relationship or start a mushroom cloud of a fight to make you pull the trigger then he's already found a new place (or lap) to lay his head.  Women get mad when a man cheats on them as opposed to just saying, "I don't want you anymore, I want _____," but for the man it's win-win (unless he's married).  He gets you and the side order, and if and when you confront him he can simply hop from you to her like billionaires hop islands.

If your relationship is hemorrhaging and there's no way to stop it then it's you that has to call a time of death.  At such a point the rule is Do Not Resuscitate!

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