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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

He Won't Say No (Unless You're Ugly)

"As your girlfriend, I'll find a way to moisturize these rough-ass hands."

If you like him just walk up to him and introduce yourself.  Afraid of rejection?  If you look like a Decepticon in the face then it very well could be a FAIL ("mirror, mirror..." that shit right fast).  But if you're at least a seven or higher it's likely he's already noticed you.

So why doesn't he step to you?

We know that you get hit on all day, every day by the good, the bad, and the ugly.  This stiffens your face and body language, making you appear closed off.  You may be fine as hell but we don't want to catch an eye-roll for being the umpteenth guy today who asked, "What's your name?"

Just smile, play with your hair and be brief with it, for Christ's sake!  Tell him that you're attracted to him-- in your own way-- and leave him your phone number.  He will take it.  This effectively puts the ball in his court and frees you from the "What if... ?" that'll hit you when you're watching DVR'ed episodes of Grey's Anatomy-- alone.

Afraid you'll seem desperate?  To hell with that.  You're always saying that you're the type of woman who knows what she wants and has no qualms about asking for it.  Here's a chance to prove it.

[Postscript: If he doesn't call then it's his loss, right?  I mean that's what you've always lead men to believe.  Make sure you believe it, too.]

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  1. Classic with the decepticon face and mirror, mirror...