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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"The Rush I Get is Worth the Price I Pay"

Before and after they tried to make her go to rehab.
 "9 1/2 Weeks is better than 12 Steps..." -- from Jay-Z's single, "I Know"

It's 2010 and as a woman you've never had more choices, more avenues to cruise.  To hell with always making the safe, responsible decisions-- leave that for Mom.  You aim to fall in love, to fire those serotonin receptors every chance you get.  You want a man in your life that excites you, because let's face it: everyday life is quite blah.

Only problem is, once the dopeman's got you you're no longer the sharp, intelligent, wily woman you were (or thought you were).  All those women you once laughed at, whom you ridiculed for following behind some man and embarrassing themselves by accepting excuses and excusing offenses-- that's you now.

You're hooked... and he knows it.  A man senses weakness like a wolf, and burns like a fire.

I haven't known many women to kick a useless man cold turkey.  It's often a long, drawn-out and undignified affair, full of pitched text message battles and Facebook skirmishes, rebound lovers and mean revelations, hopelessness and-- oh, fuck it.

Look, a wise man once told me to at least check to see where the exit is upon entering a building-- and be prepared to use it.  Breaking up with a man you once loved (or still love) is a sad tale; breaking up with him after he's dragged you through the gutter is a tragedy.

Ditch the habit, go to rehab and get on with your life before you end it as the bag lady.

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