Do you believe there's such a thing as a soulmate?

Monday, April 5, 2010


It's time for you-- yeah, the women and the men-- to chime in with your two cents on dating, sex, love, relationships, and marriage.

Record a one-minute video of yourself going in on any relationship topic you choose (make sure it's sixty seconds or less).  Your video will be featured on the New Shoes blog, the New Shoes Forum (Ning), and the New Shoes Facebook page

Just e-mail the embed code or a link to the site where you uploaded the video (YouTube, for example) to or the inbox for my Facebook profile.  You'll get to be a mini-celebrity and have your voice heard, within the New Shoes community and beyond.

What are you waiting for?  Send your video in today!

By submitting you agree to allow New Shoes to show your video on the New Shoes blog and its affiliate sites.  Submissions will only be used for the purposes of the New Shoes blog and its affiliate sites.

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