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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Portrait of the Asshole as a Young Man 4

Red Dawn
I have a strange attraction to redheads.

For the record, the type of Caucasian women I'm usually drawn to have dark, almost "Mediterranean" features.  Paleness is unnatural to me.  That's why I don't get the whole Twilight craze.  What's hot about getting freaky with someone whose skin is almost see-through?

That said, natural redheads are often pale, but this doesn't bother me.  Is it the hair?  Is it some kind of Celtic fetish?  Folks with red hair are concentrated in Western Europe (only 1-2% of the human population has this characteristic).  Could it be the rarity?  The color?  Red is the color of war, and since I'm like a bull (Taurus) in a china shop when expressing my deepest beliefs or making moves to realize my dreams it makes sense that this color-- the color of fire and aggression-- would charm me.

Even ugly redheads give me pause.  It's the weirdest thing to me, but like most of my desires I don't run from it.  I'm neutral on the freckles, though; looks like the spray tan machine exploded all over you.

[Postscript: I did watch an inordinate amount of I Love Lucy as a kid.  Maybe that's something a therapist could start with... or my next FWB (dyeing ain't lying).]

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