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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Duffel Bag Full of Bricks

Plus-size model Tara Lynn
I agree that big is often beautiful.  As an African-American man I've grown up around women who are anything but skinny waifs.  They have meat on them, some more than others-- but they wear it well.

Nowadays I see too many big girls looking like the title of this post, bursting and jiggling around in all the wrong places (and comically wearing Beyonce-inspired outfits that do everything but flatter their measurements).

Have you seen plus-size model Tara Lynn in the April issue of French Elle?  That's a well put-together "thicky-thick!"

Ladies, some of you will never be Angelina Jolie skinny and that's okay, but you've got to make sure that what you're carrying is toned, firm, and with as little "hail damage" as possible.

I'm saying you need to be in the gym as often and as hard as the petite girl who's tiny enough to fit in his pocket.  Some men are into plus-size women, but no men are into sloppy-looking fat chicks-- straight up.

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