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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Sex

It's my birthday so you know I want to talk about birthday sex.

Not just birthday sex but any kind of sex attached to a holiday.  When a man is married this might not be the cat's pajamas because holidays-- birthday, anniversary, Christmas (she's drunk)-- are probably the only times he gets any sex worth a standing ovation.  But a single man sees sex on a holiday as a chance to attach a meaning to the day that's satisfying beyond visiting with family you don't really like or watching a lame-ass fireworks show.

Birthday sex, in particular, speaks more to the male ego than any other type of holiday sex.  It reaffirms our sexuality, masculinity and virility on a day where we're being reminded, "I'm a year older."  It shows that someone else gives a shit-- I mean really gives a shit-- about our b-day other than Mom, and is willing to prove it by letting us put it anywhere.  It allows us to revel in going into a vagina while commemorating the day we came out of one.

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