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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Questions & Manswers #3

"The first rule is of our relationship is, Shut up."
Questionnaire created with Formstack.  [Note: Answers (in italics) are presented exactly as they were received.]

What are qualities you find most attractive in a woman?
Eyes, Smile, Humor, Legs, Feet, Stomach, Ass, Boobs arent necessary

What annoys you most about women?
Their nagging, their emotional roller coasters

On a scale of one to ten, how honest are you with the women you date?
7 or so

What is your typical response to “What are you thinking?”
Nothing, you?

Would you cheat if you knew you wouldn’t get caught?
If I am driven to it

How important is a woman’s weight to you?  Would you mind if your girlfriend/wife gained a lot of weight after you two got together/married?
Not that important, but don't let it go and become morbibly obese.  Show me you want to get right, then do it

What are you looking for: marriage and kids, just marriage, a live-in girlfriend situation (relationship), friends with benefits, dating with sex being the ultimate goal, or just straight Internet hook-up sex?
Eventually married with children, but in no rush

Do you see marriage as a benefit?  How so?
Not for a man.  Marriage seems to be a competition between women.

What do you think motivates women: love, money, security, children, “the show” of getting married, etc.?
The show of getting married

Is there anything else you’d like women to know about you and men in general?
When a man asks for your opinion, please give it or be ready for whatever you recieve.  e.g. "Babe what do you want for dinner?"  She says, "I don't care, you choose."  He says, "Alright lets go to Red Lobster."  She says, "Ewww no, I don't want fish, how about Chili's." If you wanted Chili's then just say that when we ask.  Once you throw the ball back in our court, you are now susceptable to our decision. That is all.

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