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Friday, April 2, 2010


Ninety-seven percent of earth’s water is saltwater-- undrinkable. Two-thirds of the remaining three percent is frozen solid (full of dead-ass dinosaurs). That leaves one percent of the world’s water available for drinking, showering, washing, Flashdancing, etc.

Now, do this for me: Imagine that men are like water.

It’s safe to say you’ve been swallowing quite a bit of saltwater. You’ve been “dying” of thirst and even though you know it’s a FAIL you scoop your hands in, again and again, for a sip of something that will only leave you dried out, fatigued… salty.

Most men just won’t quench your thirst no matter how fresh they may seem in a moment of weakness-- nor how much you drink. They belong to a larger body, moving toward the shores of a man’s world (where men's need are paramount), the current so strong that once caught in it you’ll most surely be dashed against the rocks.

Freshwater men are hard to find yet worth the search. They give you energy, clear your mind, and even take a little fat off of you (in whatever position you like). They too have impurities but none that will kill you. You could hold out for bottled water but in the end it’s just fresh or tap water dressed up to make you feel better. Just dip your hand in the freshwater as it flows your way; drink it down, let it flow through you. You’ll be surprised at how refreshed you feel.

This has been a parable… on Good Friday.

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