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Saturday, April 10, 2010


"I'm hitting you from the back and you're loving it-- send!!!"
As if we needed another texting portmanteau, "chexting" is a new term that describes cheating on your significant other with... wait for it... text messages!

I guess this falls under the communications section of the cheating rulebook for women-- along with phoning, e-mailing, and two cans connected by a string-- but for men texting outside the relationship for immoral purposes is more like being a dental office receptionist.  We send reminders before the visit to make sure she comes in for her scheduled "drilling," then do a follow-up to gauge client satisfaction and ensure future visits.

Chexting is a cute term but it's not an issue until your man tries to download his own personal "penis app" into one of the chicks on his contact list.  Men like text messaging because it's non-invasive (sorta), quiet, and gives them time to formulate a response.  It also gives them myriad opportunities to cultivate some corny-ass Casanova alter ego, as evidenced by Tiger's racy texts.

[Sidebar: If you plan to do some chexting of your own, consider using TigerText.  It sets a lifespan for the texts you send, deleting them from the recipient's phone as well as your own.]

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