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Saturday, April 3, 2010

(Answers to) Questions for Women

Questionnaire created with Formstack. [Note: Answers (in italics) are presented exactly as they were received.]

Finish this sentence: My last relationship ended because…
tired of supporting his jobless ass, when he was more inclined to play video games than look for a new job

What do you think turns men off about you?
That I'm smarter than most of them. :)

How much do movies and T.V. influence your attitudes about/toward relationships?
Movies and TV don't influence my attitude towards relationships, they are fictional, even friendships portrayed on tv can be unrealistic.

What kind of books do you read?: all types
fiction, comedy usually, non-fiction too

If you could change one thing about men— adding or deleting— what would it be?
their "predisposition to cheat or need to sow their seeds"

Do you think it’s right to go into a man’s cell phone or access his e-mail or Facebook accounts?
def depends on the situation. I feel like in general you should trust him, but let's face Lie.

Do women and images in music videos or magazines influence how you “present” yourself to men?
For the most part they don't. May give me more motivation at the gym "if only i had an ass like that"

What societal factors do you see influencing men’s behavior toward women?
the fact that so many women put up with too much bs

If you found yourself single at age forty, would you still try to get married?
who knows, im sure by that point I would stop hunting for a man to marry and cougar it up :)

Where do you see yourself, relationship-wise, in five years?
Who knows? Lol if I followed my unrealistic "life plan" i would be married, but I'm not in any hurry to get married

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