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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do Not Inter-?

"He had me at 'Are you down with the swirl?'"
I've heard a lot of women, minorities mostly, who've complained about the dearth of quality men for relationships and marriage yet refuse to search outside their own race or ethnic group.

Your loss.

Seriously, quality men come in all shapes and sizes; but we've beaten this maxim so early and often about the face, head and neck that I wonder why I bother.  I will say that I've "tasted the rainbow" of available women out there and find you all to be similar in many ways (including craziness).  I can't think it would be any different with men.

Addressing black women specifically-- that most "underserved" group of single females-- it behooves you to look elsewhere.  Complaining about the lack of good black men does nothing for you; neither does complaining about some of them being with white women-- or any other race, for that matter.  Black men take advantage of the variety for the same reason as all men: because we can.

I'm not pushing you to defy your own preferences (the heart wants what it wants, right?).  Just don't bitch about having to dig your heels in and wait for a shining prince whose skin tone and background match your own.

It could be a while....

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